THIRD EVENT / Experience the Magic of Elevated Living with Better Ask Anna at Jumeirah Islands, Dubai

Join us for an enchanting day of beauty and sophistication at a stunning private luxury villa on Jumeirah Islands, Dubai, co-hosted by Better Ask Anna and the illustrious jewelry brand Bee Goddess. Set in an idyllic location that perfectly blends cozy charm with upscale elegance, this event is designed to offer our esteemed guests a warm and memorable experience.

Surround yourself with the villa’s lush gardens and exquisite architecture—perfect settings to immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated lifestyle management.

Event Highlights Include:

  • Artistic Breakfast: Savor an art-inspired breakfast created by a Michelin-starred chef, designed to delight your senses.
  • Musical Elegance: Enjoy a live performance by the renowned Daneel Sayegh, adding a touch of sonic beauty to your morning.
  • Interactive Art: Participate in a dynamic artistic performance by Savage Qyz, designed to engage and inspire.
  • Tranquil Tea Ceremony: Unwind with a traditional tea ceremony, a pause of tranquility amidst the day’s excitement.
  • Art Tour: Explore a contemporary art collection from Nike Project Space, offering a glimpse into cutting-edge artistic expressions.

This day is more than an event — it’s a journey from the ordinary to the magical. Let Better Ask Anna guide you through a day where luxury meets lifestyle, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

Let’s Elevate Life Together!


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